Make Up Lessons

This is an email received by Mohan Ski School regarding make up lessons:

“To All Mohan Students & Their Parents,

As a reminder, we have one (1) Lesson Only (no transportation provided) make-up session remaining.  It is scheduled for this Sunday, March 4th at 10:30 am.  If you did not complete all of your lessons, you may attend this make-up lessons.  If you had perfect attendance and want additional bonus lesson, it is just $20.

We will be setting up our normal Sunday class signs, so you do not need to call ahead to attend.  Just arrive 10 minutes early, with the your coupon filled out and go to your normal class sign.  If you are attending this make-up lesson, and it is your normally scheduled class, then please just find one of our greeters or supervisors and they will help direct you to the appropriate sign #.  Based on attendance, we will make adjustments or reassignments as necessary.

Finally, we are offering three spring bonus lesson options.  These are NOT make-up lessons, so everyone attending will be required to pay just $20 per lesson attended.  For these spring extension options, we would appreciate advance notice.  Please register by Thursday, March 1st if you are planning to participate (click on this link to notify us which day(s) you will be attending).  Any walk-ups will only be accommodated on a space available basis. The spring lesson extensions are on:

Saturday, March 3rd at 10:30 am

Saturday, March 10th at 10:30 am
Sunday, March 11th at 10:30 am

Do keep in mind that the make-up lesson AND the spring bonus lesson lengths will vary, based on the number of students attending the class:

One student = 1 hour.  Two or Three students = 1.5 hours.  Four or more students = 2 hours.

Click here for a full calendar.

Thanks again for the wonderful season!

Youth Sports Services
A Non-Profit Corporation”

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Friday, January 20th Programs Cancelled

Hello Eckstein Skiing and Snowboarding Families,

We received this note from Mohan tonight. Please share it with other families to help spread the word!

“As expected, the Seattle, Kent, Snoqualmie Valley and many other local school districts have made an early determination to cancel all school programs for tomorrow, January 20th. As such, we will be postponing all of our ski and snowboarding lessons and transportation programs on Friday, January 20th as well. Our make up date will be Friday, February 17th.

Thank you!

Mohan Skiing and Boarding”

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January 27th is a Ski Day

Many have asked if we are going up to Snoqualmie on January 27th, the day between the semesters and the answer is “yes.”  Same time, same place, see you there!

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2012 Season is Open!

Friday, January 6th was our first day up the mountain and we had fun despite the guaranteed confusion of the first day.

Please take some time to explore this site to familiarize yourself with our policies, such as Lost and Found, Communication and student pick up procedures.  This will help everyone minimize stress and maximize fun!

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Rules & Guidelines

Please download a copy and keep it for your records. The last page needs to be printed and returned to Ms. Levine or Ms. Desler.  rules and guidelines

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Message from Mohan


Good news – The Climate Prediction Center expects significant snowfall in the mountains the first half of November! Larry Schick of SkiWashington  totaled the liquid precipitation for the Cascades for the next two weeks. If the precipitation was all snow, that leaves a potential of up to 5-10 feet of snowfall! We all hope that this is an early sign of a great upcoming season. 

We’re very excited to let everyone know that Mohan is now accepting online Instructor and Assistant registration here. At the bottom of the page, you can click the “Add to Cart” button to begin the online registration process. Please remember that a new username must be created for each new or returning instructor or assistant (if you’re registered as a student for the 2012 season already, you must create another username for this process!).Please read the instructions on the registration page. There are some forms that need to be printed (for the background check, etc). Those can be turned in at one of the clinics or you can mail/e-mail them to our office.

If you’re looking to help volunteer at Mohan, there are many positions still available. If you’re interested, click here for more details.

Reminder: Student group lessons and school programs are now available for online registration too. If you know anyone interested, please forward them this e-mail. We’re always interested in new instructors, assistants, volunteers and students. 

Mohan still has open spots for their France trip. If you’re interested, click here for more details.

See you on the mountain!

Mohan Skiing and Boarding


Youth Sports Services
A Non-Profit Corporation
Mohan Skiing & Boarding
Developing Skills, Enhancing Possibilites,
Creating Memories & Making Friends Since 1960
PO Box 685, Redmond, WA  98073
Phone: 425-868-3820       Fax: 425-868-2368

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Snow Season 2012 is coming!

Check out the following flyer for information on the upcoming season!
Eckstein Snow Flyer

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Thanks for a great Season – Any feedback?

Thanks again for a great season. The season overall was a success and went very, especially knowing that we had 183 participants.

Here are some issues that I can think to problem solve for future years, if you have any others please respond to Mr. Brewer and let him know.
–Traffic patterns around 30th Ave. (the Traffic policy after the first night seemed to help and needs to posted sooner; all community members impacted need to be made aware).

–Buses. Seat assignments, grade level considerations, and friend seating considerations. (We had 183 participants: 63 6th, 61 7th, 59 8th 8th divided between 3 buses with a maximum capacity of 44 students and 3 chaperones and 1 bus with a maximum capacity of 52 students and 3 chaperones. Some of the issues involve simple numbers over friend requests.) Accountability and ease of finding students in an emergency, in my mind, outweighs friend requests. Thoughts of other ways to faciliate this process would be appreciated.

–Communication of messages. (During the registration process you were asked for an email address; many chose to include a student email. This is the email that is provided to me to begin initial communications; please make sure that this is an email that will receive and respond to communications and/or if you provide that email encourage those users to check and attend to their email and/or forward to the right email if they do not read on a regular basis).

–Not attending & Seats for sale, etc. (This has always been a problem and is hassle for all involved. I had an idea about this during the season regarding a scholarship fund for use by Eckstein. We are a large program and have several others who would attend if they could. During the registration process, if you elected to donate any unused seats to a scholarship fund and open the seats to any individuals in need would you? If this carried a nominal fee would you still? Individual ride students are expected to pay $40; what if there was a $10 administration fee up front? Would you donate extra to a designated scholarship fund for transportation and/or lesson opportunities for other community memebers? Any other ideas on this front?)

–Any other ideas are appreciated. Again, thanks for a great season.

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The Lost & Found has been moved from room 113 to the main school location located next to the main office. All items are subject to donation to a local charity.

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