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Thanks to a generous partnership with Third Place Books, the Eckstein Library was pleased to host author Alexander Gordon Smith.  Mr. Smith was best known among Eckstein students as the author of the Furnace series.  Following his visit to Eckstein, however, he may better be known as the guy who ended up with his macaroni and cheese (watch the video) all over his shoes after escaping from a haunted house! 

The Eckstein Library has all 4 books in the Furnace series available for checkout.  In addition, if you’d like to learn more about Alexander Gordon Smith and his books, he has a great website

Thank you again to Third Place Books and the charming and entertaining Mr. Alexander Gordon Smith!

Open the Golden Line Template,

  • SAVE AS (to your ECK_folder)
  • Type in your Golden Line AND author name
  • SAVE your document
  • Print your document 1 time.

Spanish Recipes

Culture Grams  
(Select or search for your country – recipe link in the right nav bar)

Spain-Recipes (Spain – regional guide on the right hand side)
World Recipes
Latin American Network Info Center (left nav bar offers country links)
Las Culturas (*****)

Glossary of cooking terminology

Below are a few links that provide both general and then more specific information regarding the experiences of immigrants in the United States.


Eckstein Library Databases that may prove helpful include: World Book Online, ABC CLIO, ProQuest History Study Center and Grolier Online Passport.

Here are some possible places to look for Science Project Ideas.

Japanese Internment

Here are a few resources pertaining to the Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.  Synonyms (of sorts) for Internment include Relocation, Incarceration, etc.

Sites for Antibiotics and the Immune System:

What are antibiotics and how are they used to treat and cure diseases? Find out here.

How Your Immune System Works

This site offers a nice explanation about the mechanisms of the human immune system.

Sites for the Effects of Drugs on the Body:

Alcohol Find out about alcohol and its effects on the body.

Steroids Learn about steroids and their effects on the body.

Tobacco Learn about the abuse of tobacco and its effects.

Sites for Healthcare Careers:

Healthcare Career Information At this site, health-related careers are listed in alphabetical order, with links to information about each career.

The 1998-99 Occupational Outlook Handbook
This Bureau of Labor Statistics site allows you to look up an occupation by its title, then find information about the nature of the work, educational requirements, salary range, job outlook for the future, and other topics related to that occupation. Or just browse the list until you find an occupation that interests you.

General Resources for Diseases:

A-Z List of Diseases and Disorders
Want an extensive list of diseases and disorders, along with explanations? Check this site out.

Adolescent Health
A site sponsored by the AMA that focuses on aspects of health related to teens.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention This site includes information on a variety of diseases and disorders and a special section for adolescents.

Genes and Disease Learn more about genetic diseases at this site.

Healthfinder Check out this government-hosted search site with links to journals, news, and related sites.

Hidden Killers All about deadly viruses, from ThinkQuest This is a comprehensive web site sponsored by the Nemours Foundation and dedicated to providing up-to-date health information for students.

Site for researching topics about health and disease. Includes a medical dictionary. Sponsored by a network of medical doctors.

Medline Plus
This contains a listing of diseases in alphabetical order and links to pages where you can get more specific information about those diseases. Many of the articles that reference the diseases are at a fairly high reading level. You could print the articles and obtain help from a teacher or a professional to help you translate the information into simpler terms.

Museum of Human Disease
This site contains interactive images of diseased organs. Recommended for higher-level students and/or those needing images for presentation purposes.

Nervous System Disorders From Rush University in Chicago, this site contains information on many of the diseases associated with the brain and nervous system.

Respiratory Disorder
Find out about various respiratory disorders here.

Sites for Specific Diseases/Disorders:

Crohn’s Disease This page offers extensive information about Crohn’s Disease and its treatment.

Eating Disorders Anorexia and bulimia are the main focus of this page from MedicineNet.

Epilepsy Foundation Find out about epilepsy at this site, which includes a Kid’s Club and a Teen Chat room.

High Blood Pressure Learn about the causes and prevention of high blood pressure.

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Learn more about muscular dystrophy at this site.

Tuberculosis The Center for Disease Control offers information on testing and treatment, facts, prevention, affected populations, and much more about TB.

Eagle Readers Unite!

This Saturday, January 28, 2012, Seattle Public Libraries are sponsoring a City-wide Middle School Readathon.  Visit one of the branches listed below between 11am and 5pm and log hours of reading for Eckstein (families are welcome to participate as well)! 

Snacks and pizza will be provided and the Grand Prize is a Kube 93.3 sponsored dance!

Participating libraries include:

  • Greenwood
  • Ballard
  • Lake City
  • Douglas Truth
  • Southwest
  • Beacon Hill

Non-Fiction Bins are provided in your classrooms.  Below you will find some additional information for each Bin topic to supplement your research.  There is also an excellent selection of electronic resources, provided by Mr. Miller and Ms. Falls, for Heroes of Africa.






Technology and Infrastructure



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