ECKSTEIN SUPPLY LIST FOR 2011-2012 All Students:

 One 2-3” heavy duty three-ring notebook (no expanding folders or trapper keepers)

 Notebook dividers (5 tab minimum)

 Pencil pouch

 Writing supplies: one dozen sharpened pencils, 8 pens (black or blue ink), highlighter, colored pencils

 Pencil sharpener with receptacle

 Erasers

 8 ½” x 11” notebook paper (College rule, preferred)

 Flash (thumb) Drive

 Box of tissue for homeroom/study hall

 Standard/metric ruler

 4 operation calculator

 Protractor

 1 ream of 8 ½ x 11 copy paper

 Hole reinforcements

For 8th Grade: Five Mead composition notebooks, 80-100 pages (wide- rule, if possible);

For 7th Grade: Five Mead composition notebooks, one of the five notebooks should be with graph paper;

For 6th Grade: One, 1 ½” three-ring binder; Four Mead composition notebooks;

(Donations of any of these supplies are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off in the Main Office. Thank you.)


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