Letter from the Principal – 6/16/11

Dear Families—

We have had some recent incidents with students in possession and under the influence of marijuana at school.  Some of your students may have communicated this to you.   We want to fill you in about what has happened and let you know what we are doing to address this. While the number of students involved in these incidents has been small and constitutes a small fraction of the overall student body at Eckstein, any drug use at all among our student body or on our school campus is unacceptable. We are taking steps to address this to ensure our students are safe and the campus is a drug-free zone.

Several students were in possession of marijuana.  During our investigation we learned that some students were smoking marijuana during lunch.  All of the students involved with drug use and/or possession were suspended and required to get a drug and alcohol assessment.  

Our chemical dependency counselor, Kelly Kerby, has been meeting with students and providing counseling.  She also is part of our efforts to educate all Eckstein students about the effects of drug use.  Life Skills, a program to help students make good choices, is taught at all three grade levels. We will continue to assess the needs of our students and provide educational and counseling opportunities for making good choices, both on a group basis and one-on-one as appropriate. 

Click on the link for information to help keep kids safe over the summer provided by Kelly Kerby, Eckstein’s Drug & Alcohol Counselor.  It contains information about the warning signs of drug use and effective conversations parents can be having with their child.    ParentChild-Communication

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Kim Whitworth


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