JV Girls’ Basketball Schedule

We are currently halfway through our season – Go Eagles!  Below you will find the schedule for the rest of the season.  If you do not know which JV team you are on, please contact Ms. Wynkoop, rlwynkoop@seattleschools.org.

Friday, Jan. 14, 2011
Practice @ Eckstein 2:50-4:30pm (BLUE and WHITE)

Friday, Jan. 21, 2011
3:00 Eckstein BLUE @ Madison A

 Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011 JV Jamboree @ Whitman
10:30 Eckstein BLUE vs. Whitman Black
11:30 Eckstein BLUE vs. Mercer
12:30 Eckstein WHITE vs. Denny
2:00 Eckstein WHITE vs. Madrona

Friday, Feb. 4, 2011
3:00 Eckstein WHITE @ Whitman Gold

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